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Tovagliette in carta bianca ambientate su tavolo di legno con posate, piatti, tovaglioli e bicchieri



Practical and popular, place mats not only protect the table surface but also add a touch of style and colour to the dining room. In a restaurant, a pub, but also a canteen or during an event, place mats are always under the watchful eye of the customer. Therefore, Okay pays attention to the production of this high-quality product, offering a wide choice of sizes and colours, suitable for any occasion.


Place mats made of paper – white, recycled eco-friendly, coloured kraft paper; strawpaper; sealing paper – in solid colours or with fancies


Available sizes: 30x40 – 35x50

– shaped

Tovagliette TOP LINE in Cartapaglia colorata - Bordeaux


The new collection of place mats and cutlery holders produced with high quality paper. The right choice to boost your location – pub, wine bar, beer garden, restaurant, kiosk, cafè – and to set your table in an elegant and stylish way. These products are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

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