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Company factory Okay with Totem




Okay is a dynamic, highly-experienced company that has been operating in the paper manufacturing field since 1969.

The firm has gained a solid position both in the Italian and foreign market, thanks to its high-tech production and the development of new state-of-the-art products, not only due to the quality of materials but also to their creative added value. The company is a big player internationally and exports almost a quarter of its whole production. Offering a guarantee of high quality is fundamental for the company, as well as taking care of each production phase, from product design to the making, until the delivery, ensuring the full satisfaction of the most demanding customer.


The constant growth in the field of research and innovation and of green, environmental-friendly technological development, allowed Okay to obtain the OK compost certification for its Airlaid Easy and Airlaid Gold products. The certification was obtained thanks to the use of certified raw materials and inks.

To be compostable, a material must be biodegradable and able to disintegrate in a process of decomposition that last less than three months.

The EC Regulation 1935/04 (art.15) established that the materials and objects intended for contact with food products must have a symbol to be affixed to the label that serves to inform consumers that the material of which it is made is suitable to such use.


Okay has chosen to achieve FSC® certification to help conserve the environment and natural resources.

By choosing our FSC® certified products, you contribute to supporting the responsible management of the world's forests.

Made in Italy symbol

Okay products are planned and realised with a view to innovation and tradition of the Made in Italy. The two values, together, contribute to the creation of a concept of beauty, not merely related to aesthetics but also to ethics.

Ecolabel certification symbol

The EU Ecolabel logo makes it simple to know that a product or a service is both environmentally friendly and good quality.

This symbol identifies the first airlaid made without latex and, therefore, biodegradable, compostable and above all water-soluble. This property allows the product to be disposed of, in compliance with the current ecological regulations, both in the wastepaper and organic bin, guarantying also an economic profit.

Biodegradability is the ability of substances and organic materials to be degraded into simpler substances through the enzymatic activity of microorganisms. When and if the biological process is completed, it has totally transformed the starting organic substances into simple inorganic molecules, like water, carbon dioxide and methane.

By mimicking these natural processes, the organic waste from human activities can be removed by biodegradation.

Compostability is the ability of an organic material to transform into compost through the composting process. Composting is an aerobic biological process (which takes place in the presence of oxygen) of organic material, which leads to the production of compost, a great fertiliser, rich in organic substances and microorganisms and useful to the soil.

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